Moonstake is proud to announce we’ve successfully secured a grant from the Astar & Shiden Builders Program, designed to accelerate the growth of Astar and Shiden networks by supporting DApp builders to join and scale along with the platforms. With this program, Shiden Network encourages developers to deploy dApp Staking Contracts on Shiden for the purpose of researching to develop a mechanism pool for SDN users so that developers can set up crowd-funded validators. Additionally, Shiden users will be able to lock their SDN for a fixed period of time and they will receive SDN as well as rewards after the fixed term has matured.


Astar & Shiden Builders Program aim to leverage the experience and technology of these two Substrate-based networks to help mentor, guide, and eventually, scale DApp builders looking to join and grow on Astar and Shiden networks. Proposals to the grant are evaluated on the technical design of the project, the overall quality of the team and its community, and more. Moonstake is thrilled to join the Builders Program of Astar & Shiden as a world-leading staking provider that supports SDN staking and also Shiden DApp Staking natively. 


Moonstake launched its staking business in 2020 with the aim to create the largest staking network in Asia. Since then, it has developed the most user-friendly Web Wallet and Mobile Wallet (iOS / Android) with support for over 2000 cryptocurrencies. After a full-scale operation launched in August 2020, Moonstake’s total staking assets have grown rapidly to reach $1.5 Billion, allowing Moonstake to become one of the top 10 staking providers globally. Currently, Moonstake supports 14 high-demand staking coins, 2 high-demand NFT standards ERC-721 and Cardano. We are currently working with Muse Finance to enter the DeFi market, and have been strategic partners with Astar Network since February 2021  to expand the Polkadot ecosystem and explore further collaborative development opportunities in DeFi. All of Moonstake’s efforts and outcomes have solidified Moonstake’s position and reputation as a service provider for both end users and businesses, rightfully securing us a grant from the Astar & Shiden Builders Program. 


Founder of Moonstake, Mitsuru Tezuka, comments: “Moonstake is very excited to have received this grant from the Astar & Shiden Builders Program. As a world-leading staking provider and amongst the world’s first group of validators for Shiden Network, we hope to be able to bring even more value to our ecosystem users as well as the users of Shiden Network with the grant and support of the Astar and Shiden teams.”


Moonstake is thrilled to help drive the growth of the Shiden ecosystem as a validator and deliver more value to global crypto user communities.


About Moonstake

Moonstake is the world’s leading staking service provider that develops and operates decentralized wallet services for businesses and individuals.


Since its launch in April 2020, Moonstake has partnered with 28 leading platform providers, including Cardano’s constituent Emurgo, developer of the Polkadot-connected blockchain Astar Network Stake Technologies, and the TRON Network with over 50 million users. In May 2021, Moonstake further enhanced its corporate credibility by becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of OIO Holdings Limited, a company listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange.


Using blockchain technology, Moonstake aims to progress toward a world where anyone can easily make use of highly secure and reliable digital asset management tools.



About Moonstake’s staking business


For the staking industry, which has grown into a 630-billion dollar market as of September 2021, Moonstake provides a decentralized staking service that does not require user deposits, and supports nodes around the world in addition to its own validator nodes. Moonstake currently supports the staking of 16 blockchains. With a total staking assets of 1.8 billion USD and a global user base, the company ranked third out of more than 10,000 providers worldwide in June of the same year. 


About Shiden

Building the premier multi-chain smart contract platform on Kusama Network.


Shiden Network is a multi-chain decentralized application layer on Kusama Network. Kusama Relaychain does not support smart contract functionality by design. Kusama Network needs a smart contract layer. This is where Shiden Network comes in. Shiden supports Ethereum Virtual Machine, WebAssembly, and Layer2 solutions from day one. The platform supports various applications like DeFi, NFTs, and more. 


About Astar

Astar Network is a dApps hub on Polkadot that supports Ethereum and layer 2 solutions like ZK Rollups. Astar aims to be a multi-chain smart contract platform that will support multiple blockchains and virtual machines like EVM and WASM.

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