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What is Tezos

Tezos is a blockchain platform that supports smart contracts and dapps, based on the idea of a digital commonwealth, in which governance is democratized in an efficient and sustainable manner to avoid costly hard-fork scenarios.

Proof of Stake

You can earn rewards from the blockchain by staking to a validator. The reward will be distributed to each user directly from the blockchain, excluding the validator fee. The optimum staking amount is set for each pool of ADA, and it varies depending on the staking amount of the ADA as a whole and the number of validators. Since the reward ratio fluctuates depending on the amount of ADA staked, we are creating multiple pools to aim to keep the staked amount optimal for a better reward ratio.


The wallet’s entire balance will be staked to a validator, and rewards are automatically distributed according to the amount held in the wallet. There is no function to stake a partial amount in your wallet. In addition, you can send and receive tokens in your wallet anytime, while staking to a validator (There is no lock period). When you first stake, 2 ADA will be charged by the blockchain to create a stake certificate as a deposit. For this, our wallet is set to be able to stake when you have 5 ADA minimum.


Rewards will be distributed per epoch. One epoch is approximately 5 days. Since rewards are automatically distributed from the blockchain, there is no need to “claim rewards”.


You can send and receive tokens freely while staking. There is no lock period, no restriction to send and receive, you do not need to unstake.