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What is Orbs

The Orbs Network is a public blockchain infrastructure designed for businesses looking at trust as a competitive strategy.

Proof of Stake

Delegators are ORBS token holders who assign their voting weight (stake) to Guardians, empowering them to maintain security and uphold the long term vision of the ecosystem.


To take part in staking you must:

  • Hold ORBS Token.
  • Select a worthy Guardian to delegate your voting power to
  • Agree to lock in and stake ORBS.
  • Token holders that delegate to an active Guardian are rewarded in proportion to their stake
  • Annual reward is up to 8% of the Delegator’s staked tokens (subject to an 80M Orbs Token cap on total rewards).

If you want to send an asset that is currently staked, you will need to unstake it first. The unstaking of your tokens will take a full 14 days before they become available, therefore you will not be able to send the tokens immediately. The period during which the tokens cannot be transferred is called the 'lock period.'