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What is Tron

TRON is a market-leading blockchain well-known for its large and highly active community of users and developers from all over the world, dedicated to the establishment of a truly decentralized Internet and its infrastructure. The TRON Protocol, one of the largest blockchain operating systems in the world, adopts an energy efficient dPoS consensus mechanism to provide high throughput, high scalability, and high availability for decentralized applications in the TRON ecosystem through collaboration with key business partners including global tech giant Samsung, Opera, BitTorrent, Poloniex, Swisscom Blockchain, and many more.

Proof of Stake

Every account in TRON’s network can vote for the Super Representatives/Super Partners they support. Voting requires TRON Power (TP), which is determined by the users’ frozen balance. Freezing (staking) TRX tokens results in energy and bandwidth required to interact smoothly with the network as well as the increase in voting power of voting for Super Representatives/Super Partners.


To vote for a Super Representative/Super Partners, you will need to make sure that your TRX is frozen. This will create “Tron Power” and give you power to vote. This does not cost you TRX, it will only lock them for a period of 3 days. During these three days, your TRX cannot be traded. Moonstake wallet combines the freeze/unfreeze action along with stake/unstake for your convenient so you do not need to perform the freeze/unfreeze action separately.


You can claim your TRX rewards once every 24 hours.


After 3 days of frozen period, you may unfreeze (unstake) the tokens and trade as you normally would.