Coins are be “staked” or held and locked on the network for validating Proof of Stake transactions on the blockchain. Staked coins earn rewards over time. Stakeholders can unstake their coins after a certain period of time has elapsed. Staking sites typically provide an estimated % APR of what you would earn for staking on a site for a certain period of time.
Moonstake Wallet allows you to manage staking of multiple coins simultaneously on one dashboard. Rewards are sent directly from the blockchain, so you can safely receive staking rewards without the intervention of a third party. Staking specifications differ for each blockchain and these variables include interest rates fees, and lockdown periods.

By holding specific coins, staking is a mechanism to receive passive rewards for the work of managing the blockchain network. This is similar to earning interest for holding your assets in a bank.
The staking market is booming and under the stimulation of economic factors, this market will continue to grow as the number of projects and staking assets increase. In 2020, world’s second largest Ethereum and tenth largest Cardano will start staking. Total market capitalization over $40billion USD and potential number of wallet users will increase up to $ 50milion.

Moonstake Wallet Users can now safely and easily store more than 2,000 different coins and tokens in one integrated wallet. Best of all, users can stake ADA and other coins with just one click. Stake using this decentralized wallet, without sending crypto assets to a third party.