Staking Pool and Node Solution

Staking Pool as a Service

Moonstake has had in-depth experience in developing and managing staking pool nodes in various project protocols, we are also currently having multi-millions worth of digital asset staked with us.

And so, we are confident of being able to provide Staking as a Service through our proprietary SDK and API connection. The SDK approach allows institutions to plug easily and securely to their platform and stake only when required, while keeping it offline when digital assets are not moved.

Node as a Service

We also offer Node as a Service development for institutions who want to create their own project staking pools. Through our expert development team, institutions can focus on their business strategy and growth, while leaving the technical development and maintenance of the staking pool nodes to us.

Enjoy transparency and stability of yield returns on your POS coins, while our specialists cover all the security and maintenance required.

Why Institutions Choose Us as Their Staking Solution Provider?

Full Control Simply and Securely

Our institutional clients are always in control of their funds, and they can choose to participate in the numerous projects staking pool nodes easily in a secure manner.

Optimal Yield Options

Our staking pool platform is developed with industry experts to manage the vastly different dynamics and policies of each project optimally, in turn providing better yield options easily and securely. We also have working relationships with the projects and communities we support to ensure consistency and real time updates.

Detailed Reporting and Breakdown

Through understanding the requirements of leading institutional fund managers and financial controllers that choose us, we provide full detailed reporting with clear breakdowns, including multi-assets financial details and staking transactions.