Through close working relationships with good projects and communities, plus our inhouse blockchain development expertise – We are the best choice for any institutions, such as exchanges, custodians and institutional funds in Asia, looking to enable better yields for their users simply and securely.

Moonstake executive team members are all seasoned professionals in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. We are familiar with the issues faced by institutions, especially the difficulties encountered integrating with the various crypto projects, and so are confident that our solution can benefit our clients.

We also have our own development team and expert advisors to provide the trusted solution and services that is customisable based on your requirements.

With our staking as a service SDK and enterprise wallet solution, we ensure straightforward deployment and ease of use. Leading institutions choose us so that they can focus on providing better yield options to their uses, without having to worry about integrating with each project staking pool, manage the different yield rates and requirements, and ensure security for the pooled assets.

We do our own due diligence and establish collaboration relationships with the projects and communities before we onboard them onto our staking platform. Through this stringent process, we strive to only provide good projects and staking pool yields, so that our clients are assured when they utilize our solution and services.