Infinito Blockchain Platform

Through Moonstake enterprise wallet solution, our institutional clients can also leverage on the Infinito Ecosystem that is built by Infinito and global partners, with the aim to bring about a truly seamless crypto experience for end users, developers, and businesses.

Developed since 2016, Infinito Blockchain Platform provides an ecosystem of blockchain products, services, and solutions for users and businesses to manage and grow crypto wealth, build and enjoy blockchain applications, and make and receive payments securely in a few clicks.

Value Offers

For Businesses

Proof of Concept

Validate business value with efficient PoCs using our private blockchain, DApp templates and White Label solutions.

Security, Stability & Scalability

Run your app on our zero-downtime blockchain infrastructure which scales automatically.


Deploy your fully-managed private blockchain in minutes.

For Developers


Enable blockchain features easily into your apps, on Web, or Desktop, or Mobile.


Launch your apps faster, without managing blockchain infrastructure nor reinventing the wheel.


Choose the best modules from our extensive lineup, provided by expert community.

For Academia


Learn blockchain from practical, easy-to-use features and tools


Build your first app in minutes with guides, samples, and source code. Blockchain programming is easy.


Get to know blockchain developers. Talk, share best practices, have fun.

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