Crypto & Venture Funds

Better staking yield options with ease of use and secure wallet storage solution.

Full Control Simply and Securely

Moonstake ensures that our institutional clients are always in control of their funds – crypto and venture funds can choose to participate in the numerous project staking pools easily, and the enterprise wallet solution assures sole and secure access to their token assets.

We also have our own development team and expert advisors to provide the best solution and services, that is customisable based on your requirements.

Optimal Yield Options

Our staking pool platform is developed with industry experts to manage the vastly different dynamics and policies of each project optimally, in turn providing better yield options easily and securely. We also have working relationships with the projects and communities we support to ensure consistency and real time updates.

Detailed Reporting and Breakdown

Through understanding the requirements of leading institutional fund managers and financial controllers that choose us, we provide full detailed reporting with clear breakdowns, including multi-assets financial details and staking transactions.

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