Today, Moonstake and Binarystar have announced support for Harmony Open Staking to Moonstake’s recently launched staking platform. Starting soon with the launch of Open Staking on Harmony, Moonstake users with $ONE will be able to delegate their coins to the validator. Users will begin receiving their share of the block rewards produced by nodes operated by Moonstake on the Harmony Network.

“We’re excited about our strategic partnership with Harmony–one of the first steps towards our vision of growing Moonstake into one of the world’s leading staking platforms,” said Mitsuru Tezuka, CEO of Moonstake. “We now have strong momentum, and are working quickly to build Moonstake into a very sizeable staking pool that will benefit cryptocurrency stakers worldwide.”

Moonstake will develop and manage the staking pool. Moonstake will be both a staking Validator and a Delegator, with the assistance of Harmony. Binarystar will provide marketing and business development.  Harmony has appointed Garlam Won, Head of Asia, as an official advisor for Moonstake’s new staking platform.

“The blockchain startup ecosystem in Japan is growing incredibly fast. We are proud to be part of this growth story and actively contributing to it, whether that’s through our community building, partnerships with local startups, or enabling millions of people in Japan to have the benefit of blockchain technology,” affirmed Nikos Kostopoulos, Digital Communities at Harmony.  Kostopoulos continued, “Today, we are excited to launch our new partnership with the Binarystar accelerator to focus further on the growth of our Japanese developer ecosystem.

Moonstake’s partner Binarystar, which runs Japan’s biggest Blockchain Business Hub in Tokyo, has agreed to enter into this partnership to support these marketing activities by hosting events and overseeing Harmony’s community development in Japan.

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