Moonstake held a joint webinar with Centrality, one of the world’s leading FinTech ventures based in New Zealand, on Sunday, December 13, 2020.

The webinar was a joint event between Moonstake and Centrality, which formed a strategic partnership in August this year. The webinar was held jointly with Centrality to announce the launch of CENNZ staking on Moonstake and to provide updates on Centrality. The webinar attracted a lot of interest from CENNZ holders, as Centrality’s token, CENNZ, is about to be swapped to the mainnet.

The first half of the webinar was an exclusive pre-recorded interview with Aaron McDonald, CEO and Co-Founder of Centrality, with Japanese subtitles, and the second half was a live discussion with Jerry Yuan, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) and Co-Founder. Both discussions were moderated by Shogo Ishida, Senior Advisor at Moonstake.

In this interview, Aaron talks about the features of Centrality and how it differs from other competitors. The following is an excerpt of the interview.


Aaron: About Centrality

What are the features of Centrality?

I think Centrality is characterized by its ease of use.

The decentralization brought about by blockchain technology is intended to bring people together to participate in a new economy. Based on this premise, we at Centrality believe that the blockchain must be easy to use for everyone.

If you look at the design of CENNZnet, you will see that it is designed to be as easy to use as possible, which makes it special compared to other services.

There are some issues specific to blockchain, such as the market risk to the price of tokens when using the service, but we have adopted an algorithm that ensures a stable fee structure for the price of fees (gas) that are incurred when conducting transactions on the blockchain.

I think this is one of the core features that differentiates CENNZnet from other blockchains in optimizing usability.


Progress on CENNZ Staking

The launch of CENNZ tokens with the migration to CENNZnet is coming soon.

The date when the swap will take place will be announced soon.

The reason for the delay in completing the swap is that we are working on confirming that our partner exchanges will be able to integrate and trade on the new CENNZ.

This will result in a switch from the ERC20 marketplace to the new CENNZnet version of the token. We are currently conducting an audit with the exchanges and testing for integration to make sure there are no technical issues.

We are also working with companies like Moonstake to prepare for the wallet integration and beyond to start staking. The next step for staking will be to open the tokens to the public and start staking as soon as our staking partners are satisfied with the results.

Swap and staking are two important milestones for CENNZ tokens, and as soon as these two steps are completed, we will focus on creating more applications.


At the end of the interview, Aaron was asked, “What is your biggest milestone for 2021? and answered that Centrality would like to reach 1 million active users. Centrality has already achieved half of its goal and expects to achieve this goal early next year.

The second half of the session was a panel discussion with Jerry, Centrality CCO, who answered many questions from the participants. Among them, in response to the question, “What are your plans for 2021?” Jerry answered that “we are aiming to acquire one million new users. He also talked about his enthusiasm to further expand Centrality’s economic sphere in 2021.”

The webinar concluded with an announcement that the questions that could not be answered during the webinar would be delivered at a later date, as many people used the Zoom Q&A function to ask questions.

As mentioned by Mr. Ishida, Senior Advisor of Moonstake, Moonstake is planning to develop staking service on Moonstake platform as soon as possible after CENNZ’s CENNZnet launch. We will do our best to provide a highly convenient wallet for CENNZ holders, including those who attended the webinar.



About Moonstake

Moonstake was established to develop a staking pool protocol to meet the growing demand for staking pools in Asia and globally.

Moonstake’s goal is to become the largest staking pool network in Asia. We have expanded our partnerships with major projects such as Emurgo, Ontology, NEO, PundiX, Wanchain, Quras and others to build an ecosystem that leads Asia. We have partnered with Binarystar, Japan’s largest blockchain hub, and OIO Holdings Limited (SGX: OIO), a Singapore-listed Catalist company. Our advisors include LISK, a global project, and other prominent players in the project.

The company has expanded its business with the launch of full-scale operations in August, and as of November, its total staking assets are approaching 10 billion yen.


About Centrality

Centrality is the world’s leading fintech venture platform based in New Zealand, and is funded by the New Zealand government through Digital Identity NZ, an organization that brings the private and government sectors together to make digital identity easier and more secure. Centrality has received a research grant from the New Zealand government and is working with NZTech, Singlesource and others to create a decentralized system with the New Zealand government through its participation in Digital Identity NZ, an organization that brings together the private and government sectors to make digital identity easier and more secure.

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